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Wholesale top quality men's belts, cheap backs 2019 - Thuy Bich Vinh Long
Introducing the types of men's belt buckles

Wholesale top quality men's belts, cheap backs 2019 - Thuy Bich Vinh Long

To take care of my appearance. But whether buying it is enough, men must know how to choose to have the following items.
Among them are male belt buckles, one of the accessories that any eyebrow has in the closet, however, each belt has every advantage, disadvantage, usage and storage. how different not all the gentlemen are thorough.
Men's fashion is growing day by day, all the boys now spend some time shopping

And as is known, there are two common types of belts: the classic pin buckle (leather with pin buckle) and the modern rolling surface. With a belt, the rolling surface or the needle-pierced face have both advantages and disadvantages, let's go along with the pros and cons of each type.
1. / Needle lock (or clasp)
Advantages: the pin buckle is easy to coordinate with many materials and the size of the wire plate to create rich wire patterns with small designs and patterns on the wire plate. Easy to coordinate with jeans or casual pants are, do not picky the user age, so the buckle surface offers many options for users.
types of head buckle belts
Disadvantages: Due to the structure of the needle piercing fixed to the wire, the leather strap often has to be crossed across the buckle, this is easy to break the rope, reducing the life of the belt. When buying right due to wire size, punching, if in a short time that users have a change in weight, they must consider going back to punch the belt.

2. / Roller lock head:

Advantages: No need to measure the size when buying, thanks to this technique, anyone, even men, do not need to go to the store to choose for themselves a most suitable belt.
types of head buckle belts
No need to punch holes in the belt buckle, this is different from the buckle belt. This element makes a belt buckle back durable, no fading during use.
Disadvantages: However, a minus point of the rolling face belts is that they are not diverse in string form. The string is usually a certain width, there are few motifs on the plate, if there is a difference, only change some of the motifs on the surface of the lock to be rich.
Because of the rigor in coordination with the rope, this type of men's belts is very picky about the wearer, most of them are older people, people who often wear suit code, working environments that need to be dressed seriously. this kind of face.
With the advantages and disadvantages on gentlemen, you can choose for yourself a belt model that you like, can be used many times, and is durable and beautiful.
3. / Screw Closure Lock

This is the most common type of belt buckle, they have the advantage of convenience and simplicity of use. Especially, this type of belt buckle is easy to adjust the length suitable for all shapes.
This type of buckle is commonly used in perforated belt models.

4. / Locking Clamp Closure
Clamp Closure is a type of lock consisting of two opposing parts. In this type of lock, the two parts are symmetrical, with the larger one having white and the smaller part having the opposite color, mostly yellow.
Unlike , which can be used for both business wear and everyday clothing, Clamp Closure is only for office wear, and the type of buckle is suitable for many different waist designs.
5. / Stitch Closure Lock

This type of lock comes from woven style or fabric fashion style. Loyal to traditional designs, you can easily choose woven cowhide belts with this type of belt buckle.
Lock design of this type is more highly appreciated for its sophistication than the other two designs.
6. / Stainless steel buckle head
7. / Head buckle
8. / Automatic cord lock head
9. / Pure copper belt surface
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